Saturday, November 5, 2011

Warband Pics

Pics above: Mark's Chaos Possessed vs. Bob's Beastmen

Hi, everyone. I finally got around to posting pics of our second warbands. In our first campaign, which is still ongoing, we started with Marks' Reiklanders, Stephens' Skaven, Bob's Marienbergers, and my Witch Hunters. We played 9 games each with them and retired them for a while. I don't have many pics of them because most of them were unpainted.

We started a second campaign using Mark's Chaos Possessed, Stephen's Dwarf Treasure Hunters, Bob's Beastmen, and my Undead. A lot more of them are painted and so I'm putting up some pics of the second wave of warbands today. Hopefully we can get in a few games today, and maybe some tomorrow, too. We've played nine games each with the second set of warbands, too. So we may start alternating using an old warband against a new one for more variety.  More pics-second wave warbands.

Bob's Beastmen
Pic above Bestigor

Another Bestigor: Metal Beastman Warlord

WIP Centigor

Beastman Chieftain Made from GW Kazrak model from back.
Gor front
Gor back
Gors WIP
Shaman WIP
Chaos Warhound

Saved the best for last. Bob's Chieftain from the front. He's a bad Mamajamma. :)

Thanks for looking. Next up will be one of the others. Gotta go cuz we're getting ready to play.


  1. I always enjoy a nicely painted miniature, Joe. Thanks for the "look-see."

  2. Very nice! The first bestigor is especially savage.

  3. Thanks, folks! Bob has done some really nice work on these and I'm proud to show them off.

  4. Those are quite lovely indeed...

  5. Hi, Derek. Thanks very much. Bob is really enjoying painting these minis.