Friday, October 14, 2011

New Vampire for Undead Warband

Hi, folks. I just finished a new Vampire for my Undead Warband. I haven't named him, yet. Any suggestions? This is a GW Mordheim Vampire I picked up at the Game Room in Toledo, Ohio, a while back. He is pictured standing in a ruin my son, Stephen, made a while ago.

 This guy was fun to paint. I generally suck at painting faces but I'm almost happy with his. We're going to continue with our current campaign, but we're also starting a new campaign with different warbands. That's why I painted up a new vamp. I'm hoping to be posting pics of my sons' new warbands soon. Stephen has some excellent Dwarf Treasure Hunters, Mark is making a nice Chaos Possessed warband, and Bob is making a Beastman warband. So more pics on the way soon. Thanks for looking.