Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mordheim Undead Warband Ghoul Hero

Pic above: Ghoul Hero vs. Middenheim Youngblood. Bets on the outcome?

Hi, folks. I just finished a new Ghoul Hero for my Undead Warband for Mordheim. I had been using some Heroscape Ghouls for my warband's Ghouls. They're pretty nice sculpts with a decent pre-paint. However, once I got one of them promoted with a "The Lad's Got Talent" roll, I wanted a fancier model to show his new status. I had seen on the interwebs where someone used the new Ghoul King from the GW Terrorgheist kit for a Ghoul Hero, and so a quick trip to e-bay netted me the Ghoul King bits for my new Ghoul Hero.

The Ghoul King model was intended to be mounted on a Zombie Dragon, so his feet aren't correctly positioned for standing. I drilled into his right foot, and pinned him onto a small brick from the Hirst Arts Small Brick Mold. I glued a piece of pigskin scrapbook paper to the base to simulate cobblestone, and then glued the brick and the model onto the base.

I gave him a simple drybrush paintjob with GW Knarloc Green, Snot Green and Scorpion Green for the skin. Then Mechrite Red for the loincloth with a Blazing Orange highlight. Then Bleached Bone for the skulls, bones and talons. A little mechrite red and sunburst yellow for the eyes, mechrite red for the tongue. Then white craft paint for the teeth. When everything was dry, then a quick wash of Devlan Mud for the skulls, bones, and talons. Then a Badab Black wash for everything else.

I like the way he came out. It's a very nice sculpt. Here's a couple more pics.

Thanks for looking. I hope to have another update soon with my new Middeheim Warband.


  1. He looks terrifying! Nice photos inside your terrain too, I might start doing the same thing.

  2. @Spacejacker: Thanks! I have a few small cd based ruins that just fit inside my coffee-can lightbox. (The lightbox is from the design Noel VH posted a while ago on his blog, I love it). You should use some of your terrain for a back-drop for your minis. I'd love to see it.

    @Jay: Thanks! We just each started another Warband each, again. :) The fun never stops. I'm painting up some Middenheimers, Stephen's working on Witch Hunters, Mark's doing Dark Elves, and Bob is doing Marienbergers.