Friday, October 14, 2011

New Vampire for Undead Warband

Hi, folks. I just finished a new Vampire for my Undead Warband. I haven't named him, yet. Any suggestions? This is a GW Mordheim Vampire I picked up at the Game Room in Toledo, Ohio, a while back. He is pictured standing in a ruin my son, Stephen, made a while ago.

 This guy was fun to paint. I generally suck at painting faces but I'm almost happy with his. We're going to continue with our current campaign, but we're also starting a new campaign with different warbands. That's why I painted up a new vamp. I'm hoping to be posting pics of my sons' new warbands soon. Stephen has some excellent Dwarf Treasure Hunters, Mark is making a nice Chaos Possessed warband, and Bob is making a Beastman warband. So more pics on the way soon. Thanks for looking.


  1. The Count looks ready for a stake. By-the-way, Joe, IMHO "fun" is the cornerstone of the hobby. Good job to you and the family.

  2. Hi, Jay. Thanks. We're having a great time with this game.

  3. He looks great, I especially like the rapier.

    I made mine out of a blood bowl star player, which was barely OK.. I eventually swapped him for a Heresy Count Blutgeist. I still have both, must get round to selling them.

  4. Hi, Spacejacker. Thanks very much. I've never seen the Count Blutgeist model. I'll have to check that out.

  5. Lucky you are to have 'partners in crime' at home!
    Long ago, my daughter found video games more attractive than minis-pushing :)

    I always wondered why in *medieval* settings vampire counts have to dress like Bela Lugosi, and witch hunters like Solomon Kane? :)

  6. Hi, Abdul666. Thanks for commenting. I am lucky. :) Though neither of my daughters will play Mordheim, either. That's funny you mentioned Bela Lugosi. That's the look I was going for. :)