Monday, September 26, 2011

GW Garden of Morr Cemetary for Mordheim

Hi, folks. I finally finished my cemetary for Mordheim. I used the new GW Garden of Morr set, with a few extra wall and fence pieces I picked up on e-bay from Hoard of Bits. I love the Garden of Morr. It is beautifully made, with lots of great details. It comes with a mixture of stone wall and iron fences, 3 mausoleums with detailed bases, a large statue of the god Morr from the WHFB fluff, and some tombstones. I wanted a slightly larger set-up than what comes in the box so I ordered the extra walls and fences. The cemetary was placed on a 1.5 inch high piece of styrofoam which is 14.5 inches wide by 17.5 inches long. I wanted it mounted on something with depth so I could have a couple of open graves, and to add some differing elevation for the tabletop. The ground surface was covered with sand and static grass, and the vertical walls of the piece were covered with pieces of LeMax Christmas Village brick road vinyl PVC mats cut to fit. I had a lot of help choosing a glue to secure the PVC brick mat from fellow TMPers DyeHard and Scoutll, and finally went with Liquid Nails to glue the vinyl to the walls. I then used pieces of mounting board to cover the corner joins of the brick.

 Pic above shows the cemetary gate and the ramp leading up. An old Reaper? Vampire for scale.
 Pic above- view from the left. The brick vinyl mat has had multiple browns drybrushed onto it.
 Pic above -  View from behind.
 Above - Other side view
 Pic above: more of sn aerial shot. You can see a couple of the open graves, each can accomodate a couple of Zombies.
 Pic above- shows a little more of the mausoleums.
 Pic above shows a little more of the details.
 Pic above - couple of Zombies rising from the grave.
     Pic above shows the GameCraft Miniatures 28mm Modular Gothic Ruin in the foreground with the GW Garden of Morr in the background.

I think this makes a nice Mordheim piece, and can also be used  for other games, including Warhammer Skirmish or Song of Blades and Heroes. Thanks for looking.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Few More Flagellants

Hi folks. I got optimistic and painted up a few more Flagellants for my Mordheim Witch Hunter warband. Optimistic because the Flagellants are meant to replace the other Henchmen, Zealots and Warhounds as my warband advances.

I had a little fun with naming these guys, shades of the old Country Music variety show, "HeeHaw". There was song that had the refrain "Gloom, Despair, and Agony on me. Deep dark depression, excessive misery. If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. Gloom, Despair, and Agony on me."
I thought what a great theme song for Flagellants, and so present to you now:

Now I can sing the song to annoy my opponents, so bonus there.
Next up will be a cemetary piece I made for Mordheim using the GW Garden of Morr with some extra wall sections, and Mark is starting on another building, this time a warehouse.
Thanks for looking.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mark's Big Project

Hi, folks. In our last post I mentioned that my son, Mark, was starting on an ambitious 3-story building project for our Mordheim table. After two pretty solid days of work, he has gotten it mostly finished. He may add some more detail later, but it is ready to be used in a game tonight. Made from foamcore, cereal card and wooden coffee stirrer sticks, and based on a piece of vinyl floor tile.

 Pic above shows a side view. Pic below view from front. It's pretty big; 14 inches wide, 10.5 inches high, and about 4 inches deep.
 Pic below is a shot of the rear of the building with Mark's Reiklanders in position. His marksmen are all BS5 now, and a real threat.
This building saw use last night and again this morning in a few more games. My Witch Hunters went 0 for 2, Mark's Reiklanders 1 & 1, and Stephen's Skaven went 2 & 0. Bob's coming over this evening and his Marienburgers will go first against my Witch Hunters and then Stephen's Skaven. Mark has to miss this one as he and his Mom had to go down to Columbus for some medical testing. Thanks for looking. C&C welcome.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A ruined tower for Mordheim

Here's a little ruined tower we made for Mordheim. It was made from a couple of towers my son Mark made for a school project in 5th grade. He made a ruined castle from Hirst Arts bricks in about 15mm scale. He did really well, winning best in show at a multiple-school meet for grades K-8. We were very proud of him and he did it all himself. Anyway, a few years later the ruin has become even more ruinous. I think my wife might have run over it in the garage, though she denies it. So, I salvaged a couple of the small broken towers and put this baby together. Quick black spray paint, based on a piece of 1/8 inch mdf. Drybrushed 3 grays and a final white. Then Doc O'Brien weathering powders for ... weathering. There's a little rope and grapnel hook I made from some wire and fine twine and glued into the top floor with the rope hanging down for climbing.  (because I was too lazy to make stairs) Added sand and some static grass and lichen to the base and sealed with matte spray sealer.

Pic above shows the tower doorway with a couple of Mark's Reiklanders for scale.
Pic below shows the tower from a different angle. There's a little ruined platform that can accomodate some shooters. And you can see some of the vine in this shot.

 Pic below shows yet another angle with the mostly destroyed top floor and balcony. You can see the grappling hook and rope hanging down, along with more of the vine and vegetation on the base.
We needed some more terrain since we're playing two tables at once, so this little tower will help with that. Mark is also starting on an ambitious 3 story foamcore ruin. That'll be the next article. Thanks for looking.

Witch Hunters Warband "Heilege Josef's Retributors"

Hi, folks. I thought I'd post a few pics of my Witch Hunters.

This is Heilege Yosef's Retributors.

Below pic is Captain Heilege Yosef. I think that roughly translates to "Holy Joe" in German. I was born in Bamburg, Germany and my Dad used to call me that joking with my Mom because she said I was going to be her son that became a Priest. Boy, was she wrong. :)
 Warrior Priest Martin, respectfully named after the great Martin Luther.
 Witch Hunter Hero Fritz. I named him while listening to an old Steve Taylor song called "On the fritz".
 Another Witch Hunter Hero, Hanz. He and his partner Franz are named after the old Saturday Night Live charicatures "Hanz and Franz".
 Witch Hunter Hero Franz
 Pic below is two of my Fanatics, aptly named Doom and Death. A third is being painted. Despair.
 A couple of Zealots below. Herbie on the left and Kalvin on the right. Herbie has since been promoted to Hero, and is now sporting a spiffy little "H" on the signboard on his chest. (So I can remember he is now a hero) :)
 Below are the Warhounds, Grip, Fang and Wolf. Original, right? Wolf is now semi-retired. I'm planning to replace all of the hounds with Fanatics, even if the hounds are smarter and smell better.
That's it for now. Thanks for looking.

Rats! There's flotsam in my canal.

Had some suggestions to add some debris floating around in my canal pieces for our Mordheim table. I sawed some craft store wooden barrels in half different ways, painted them up with craft paints and glued on some GW rats.

There you go. Some quick and easy bitz to add some interest to the canal sections. Thanks for looking.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A little Mordheim Action

Ruined village


Yesterday we had several one-off games of Mordheim. My sons, Bob, Stephen, Mark and I played a few games each. All of us but Mark had played before, but we all needed refreshing on game mechanics. It's probably been 7-8 years since our last games. It went great. We had some warbands ready to go and everybody got to pick and try out to see if they liked that band's play style. We used Skaven, Undead, Reiklanders, Witch Hunters and Orcs. Everybody played at least 2 games each. It could have been more but we were a little slow relearning the game and we only had 1 table set up. Today, we have two tables, one in Mordheim, the other a ruined village for an Empire in Flames type setting.

Pics from yesterday's games

 Pic above: Bob's Assassin Adept and two Black Skaven are moving in.
Pic above: Reiklanders awaiting the Skaven.  That crossbowman on the top floor of the blue and white building was critting like a critting thing. :)
Pic above: Stephen's Undead vs. my Orcs. A very close game. I never tried Orcs before. I rather like them.
Above: Stephen's Undead vs. Mark's Reiklanders. At the top of the screen, the Vampire is just about to end that Marksman.

Above: Cross table view of my Witch Hunters. I played one game with them against Bob as Skaven. Flagellants rock!

Sorry for lousy pic quality. Thanks for looking. We had a great time. Hoping to start some more games soon today, and it will be the beginning of our campaign.