Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mark's Chaos Possessed Warband for Mordheim

Hi, folks. Here's another warband. This is Mark's Chaos Possessed. These guys are getting tough!

Pic below is his Magister.
 Below is a Mutant with Blackblood.
 New Beastman Gor Hero, awaitng pj.
 Mutant with Scorpion Tail.

 Possessed Hero Krakenhand
 Possessed Hero Crabclaw
 A couple of Beastmen Gors

 A Henchman Brethren named Vaughn. The Brethren haven't been having much luck. 
Well, there's Mark's Chaos Possessed Warband. He actually did some work on the bases tonight, and I'll try to update with some new pics tomorrow. I think he's done a very nice job and is getting good at painting. Thanks for looking.

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