Monday, November 21, 2011

Middenheimer Warband

Hi, folks. Here's a Middenheimer Warband for Mordheim. Middenheimers are especially strong, so their Captain and Champions get a +1 to Strength. I went all close combat, and no armor so I could afford an extra swordsman. Got 1 Captain, 2 Champions, 2 Youngbloods, and 5 swordsman. Everyone but the Champions are dual-wielding.
Pic below is the Captain- Ulf Tottenhammer

Below is Wulf, Champion armed with a GreatSword

Next on is Hamz, Champion with Great Hammer
(I know, such cool names :) ) 
 A couple of Youngbloods below
 Now come the Swordsmen, dual wielding swords. I wanted to maximise re-rolls on the charge. And they have cutty-type names to help me remember that they're swordsmen.

 The last one, Blade, is my favorite. Don't tell the others. That means he'll last about 30 seconds into his first fight.:)
Well, there they are.  A bunch of burly white boyz ready to uphold the name of Middenheim and collect some Wyrdstone.


  1. Cool Warband! Creatively putting together multi-part figures is something I really miss about 28mm.

  2. @Spacejacker: Thanks. These guys took a little bit of converting, but I like that part, too.

  3. Looks to me like your having a great time, Joe.