Sunday, September 4, 2011

A little Mordheim Action

Ruined village


Yesterday we had several one-off games of Mordheim. My sons, Bob, Stephen, Mark and I played a few games each. All of us but Mark had played before, but we all needed refreshing on game mechanics. It's probably been 7-8 years since our last games. It went great. We had some warbands ready to go and everybody got to pick and try out to see if they liked that band's play style. We used Skaven, Undead, Reiklanders, Witch Hunters and Orcs. Everybody played at least 2 games each. It could have been more but we were a little slow relearning the game and we only had 1 table set up. Today, we have two tables, one in Mordheim, the other a ruined village for an Empire in Flames type setting.

Pics from yesterday's games

 Pic above: Bob's Assassin Adept and two Black Skaven are moving in.
Pic above: Reiklanders awaiting the Skaven.  That crossbowman on the top floor of the blue and white building was critting like a critting thing. :)
Pic above: Stephen's Undead vs. my Orcs. A very close game. I never tried Orcs before. I rather like them.
Above: Stephen's Undead vs. Mark's Reiklanders. At the top of the screen, the Vampire is just about to end that Marksman.

Above: Cross table view of my Witch Hunters. I played one game with them against Bob as Skaven. Flagellants rock!

Sorry for lousy pic quality. Thanks for looking. We had a great time. Hoping to start some more games soon today, and it will be the beginning of our campaign.

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