Monday, September 26, 2011

GW Garden of Morr Cemetary for Mordheim

Hi, folks. I finally finished my cemetary for Mordheim. I used the new GW Garden of Morr set, with a few extra wall and fence pieces I picked up on e-bay from Hoard of Bits. I love the Garden of Morr. It is beautifully made, with lots of great details. It comes with a mixture of stone wall and iron fences, 3 mausoleums with detailed bases, a large statue of the god Morr from the WHFB fluff, and some tombstones. I wanted a slightly larger set-up than what comes in the box so I ordered the extra walls and fences. The cemetary was placed on a 1.5 inch high piece of styrofoam which is 14.5 inches wide by 17.5 inches long. I wanted it mounted on something with depth so I could have a couple of open graves, and to add some differing elevation for the tabletop. The ground surface was covered with sand and static grass, and the vertical walls of the piece were covered with pieces of LeMax Christmas Village brick road vinyl PVC mats cut to fit. I had a lot of help choosing a glue to secure the PVC brick mat from fellow TMPers DyeHard and Scoutll, and finally went with Liquid Nails to glue the vinyl to the walls. I then used pieces of mounting board to cover the corner joins of the brick.

 Pic above shows the cemetary gate and the ramp leading up. An old Reaper? Vampire for scale.
 Pic above- view from the left. The brick vinyl mat has had multiple browns drybrushed onto it.
 Pic above -  View from behind.
 Above - Other side view
 Pic above: more of sn aerial shot. You can see a couple of the open graves, each can accomodate a couple of Zombies.
 Pic above- shows a little more of the mausoleums.
 Pic above shows a little more of the details.
 Pic above - couple of Zombies rising from the grave.
     Pic above shows the GameCraft Miniatures 28mm Modular Gothic Ruin in the foreground with the GW Garden of Morr in the background.

I think this makes a nice Mordheim piece, and can also be used  for other games, including Warhammer Skirmish or Song of Blades and Heroes. Thanks for looking.


  1. That came out really nice. I especially like the turf effects you achieved.

  2. Yes...nice weathering/drybrushing, Joe. The grass looks great.