Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Witch Hunters Warband "Heilege Josef's Retributors"

Hi, folks. I thought I'd post a few pics of my Witch Hunters.

This is Heilege Yosef's Retributors.

Below pic is Captain Heilege Yosef. I think that roughly translates to "Holy Joe" in German. I was born in Bamburg, Germany and my Dad used to call me that joking with my Mom because she said I was going to be her son that became a Priest. Boy, was she wrong. :)
 Warrior Priest Martin, respectfully named after the great Martin Luther.
 Witch Hunter Hero Fritz. I named him while listening to an old Steve Taylor song called "On the fritz".
 Another Witch Hunter Hero, Hanz. He and his partner Franz are named after the old Saturday Night Live charicatures "Hanz and Franz".
 Witch Hunter Hero Franz
 Pic below is two of my Fanatics, aptly named Doom and Death. A third is being painted. Despair.
 A couple of Zealots below. Herbie on the left and Kalvin on the right. Herbie has since been promoted to Hero, and is now sporting a spiffy little "H" on the signboard on his chest. (So I can remember he is now a hero) :)
 Below are the Warhounds, Grip, Fang and Wolf. Original, right? Wolf is now semi-retired. I'm planning to replace all of the hounds with Fanatics, even if the hounds are smarter and smell better.
That's it for now. Thanks for looking.

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