Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mark's Big Project

Hi, folks. In our last post I mentioned that my son, Mark, was starting on an ambitious 3-story building project for our Mordheim table. After two pretty solid days of work, he has gotten it mostly finished. He may add some more detail later, but it is ready to be used in a game tonight. Made from foamcore, cereal card and wooden coffee stirrer sticks, and based on a piece of vinyl floor tile.

 Pic above shows a side view. Pic below view from front. It's pretty big; 14 inches wide, 10.5 inches high, and about 4 inches deep.
 Pic below is a shot of the rear of the building with Mark's Reiklanders in position. His marksmen are all BS5 now, and a real threat.
This building saw use last night and again this morning in a few more games. My Witch Hunters went 0 for 2, Mark's Reiklanders 1 & 1, and Stephen's Skaven went 2 & 0. Bob's coming over this evening and his Marienburgers will go first against my Witch Hunters and then Stephen's Skaven. Mark has to miss this one as he and his Mom had to go down to Columbus for some medical testing. Thanks for looking. C&C welcome.


  1. Your familyhammer is righteous, Joe. Looks like you're all having a lot of fun.. Warms the heart :)

  2. Hi, SJ. Thanks, we're having a blast. I'm working 12 hour shifts and usually it's just work-eat-sleep on those days. But on days off, espacially weekends, we can get in a few games. It's great being able to spend time with my sons doing something we enjoy.