Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A ruined tower for Mordheim

Here's a little ruined tower we made for Mordheim. It was made from a couple of towers my son Mark made for a school project in 5th grade. He made a ruined castle from Hirst Arts bricks in about 15mm scale. He did really well, winning best in show at a multiple-school meet for grades K-8. We were very proud of him and he did it all himself. Anyway, a few years later the ruin has become even more ruinous. I think my wife might have run over it in the garage, though she denies it. So, I salvaged a couple of the small broken towers and put this baby together. Quick black spray paint, based on a piece of 1/8 inch mdf. Drybrushed 3 grays and a final white. Then Doc O'Brien weathering powders for ... weathering. There's a little rope and grapnel hook I made from some wire and fine twine and glued into the top floor with the rope hanging down for climbing.  (because I was too lazy to make stairs) Added sand and some static grass and lichen to the base and sealed with matte spray sealer.

Pic above shows the tower doorway with a couple of Mark's Reiklanders for scale.
Pic below shows the tower from a different angle. There's a little ruined platform that can accomodate some shooters. And you can see some of the vine in this shot.

 Pic below shows yet another angle with the mostly destroyed top floor and balcony. You can see the grappling hook and rope hanging down, along with more of the vine and vegetation on the base.
We needed some more terrain since we're playing two tables at once, so this little tower will help with that. Mark is also starting on an ambitious 3 story foamcore ruin. That'll be the next article. Thanks for looking.


  1. It looks great, a very good use of these Hirst ARt molds.

  2. @Dr. Willett: Thanks. It could probably use some more detail, especially on the side with the door, but the goal was to getit on the table quickly, also.