Monday, August 22, 2011

Undead Warband for Mordheim

Hi, folks. I've been doing a little painting and touch-ups on some old minis I've had sitting around for a while. Washes, rebasing, all that kind of stuff while waiting for various terrain pieces to dry. You know the drill. :)

After reading a lot of posts and articles, primarily at Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum and Mordheimer, I decided to go with a mostly living Undead Warband.

Valkar's Legion 499 gc
Valkar The Red - Vampire - Sword, Mace
Eli Morte - Necromancer - Sword, Bow, Club
Larion - Dreg - Mace, Sword
Brother Darylion - Dreg - Axe, Mace, Bow
Other Brother Darylion - Dreg - Spear, Bow
Ghouls x 4 Names: Stench, Dread, Hungry, and Badness. (each in a separate Henchman group to increase chance of rolling The Lad's Got Talent)
Dire Wolf x 1 (Named Goggie) Wanted something fast, besides I likes me some doggies.

All of the pics are taken with my new GameCraft Minis Modular Gothic Ruin as a backdrop. Article about the ruin can be seen here.

Valkar the Red  - Vampire

I think he's an old Reaper mini. I painted him a long time ago. Just added a black Future/Magic wash today and rebased him. I still need to add a sword to the model.

Eli Morte - Necromancer
WHFB players may recognize this guy. My son Bob painted him a long time ago. Today I rebased and gave him a black Future/Magic wash.

Dregs: Larion, Brother Darylion and Other Brother Darylion
 The Darylions (Left and right) are GW Mordheim Dregs. Larion (center) is a HorrorQuest Vampire Thrall. All have been rebased, washed and Larion had a club added which was cut off one of the Ghouls. Larion, Brother Darylion and Other Brother Darylion is a lame reference to the old Bob Newhart sitcom. "I'm Larry. This is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl".

Ghouls: Stench, Dread, Hungry, and Badness. In no particular order. They're interchangeable. :)

These are slightly converted Heroscape Ghouls. I wanted to alter their poses. Arms cut off, bodies cut in half, clubs appropriated. It were horrible. :) A couple of them are based on some "pigskin" scrapbook specialty paper meant to represent an American football's surface. I like it for cobblestone.

Dire Wolf:

An old GW plastic Vampire Counts Dire Wolf. He got the reno treatment: wash, drybrush, rebase. He's named "Goggie" because that's the way my son John used to say "Doggie". :)
Well, that's it for now. Thanks for looking. C&C welcome.

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