Saturday, August 13, 2011

A little Mordheim

Been workin on some Mordheim terrain. Got a 3 feet by 3 feet table done. I know it should officially be 4 x 4 but I'm lazy and impatient so 3 x 3 is the best I could do. Tabletop is made from 1.5 inch thick styrofoam trimmed with 1 x 2 inch wood trim. Painted with some Glidden "Leather" acrylic house paint I got free from a recent promo offer. Great stuff, kind of a greeny brown. Sealed the whole thing with matte Mod Podge decoupage I've had for a while. I went with 3 x 3 foot because I already had a nice Zuzzy 3x3 "Ruined Land" mat for Empire in Flames in case we go outside Mordheim, and a couple of Lemax Christmas Village Cobblestone Mats for the Mordheim surface I picked up cheap on e-bay. I drybrushed the cobblestone mats a little and the tabletop was ready for buildings. Here's some pics

This is the table from one angle. The green area will be a canal. Still need to work on that. The two gray stone platforms in the foreground are amde from 1/2 inch pink insulation foam. They have playable interiors which are still WIP.   Another view from a diferent angle.
Yet another view from a different angle. I'm beginning to sense a trend here.

Last view of the whole table from a different angle.

Here's some shots of the individual buildings. Most are made from foamcore and wooden craft sticks. Some with Hirst Arts components. One is a Pegasus Hobbies model and I used a few Hirst Arts Arts and Pegasus Hobbies and GW bits. Most are based on cheap vinyl floor tiles. Some still need a lot more detail added. I decided to use a lot of bright colors but also have the obligatory black and whites. I have to say I got a lot of inspiration from DJK's Fantasy World. His excellent fantasy builds got me inspired to make some 28mm WHFB and Mordheim terrain after a long hiatus in 15mm. Thanks, DJ for the great ideas and motivation.
Some Pics of individual buildings.

The Mordheim Arms. My fav. The front is decorated Mordheim State Troop colors. (Ostland) Purple and white or purple and yellow with the Mordheim "M", and a few Hirst Arts bits. The window grates are made from black plastic "granny grates". Lanterns on either side of the doorway are from the Pegasus Hobbies Large Gothic Building kit. The shields are cut out pieces of mat board.
Side view

Another view

The view above shows a rope hanging from a beam caught on the top floor. Perhaps this was once a bell tower? The rope can be used for snipers to climb up to vantage points for shooting.

Here's one that's not a ruin. A Pegasus Hobbies Large Gothic Building Kit. Has a playable interior. Perhaps this is a Sisters of Sigmar annex.

My son Mark's ruin.

Another view

My son Stephen's ruin. We used this in some SBH games as well.

The red ruin
  Orange ruin

Yellow ruin

Green ruin
Green ruin with shot of balcony.

The Inn. This one has  a bridge between sections and a little stone courtyard.

Another view

The leaning house

Another view
Back view
Long house

Side view long house

Small ruin

Brown ruin

Gold ruin

So there we are. I forgot to take pics of the tall blue and white building visible on some of the shots of the main board. I also need to make some canals to replace the green foam pieces in the main board pics. I need to add more detail and weathering to most of the buildings, as well as ladders and stairs.

More to come. Thanks for looking.

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