Monday, August 15, 2011

Canal Sections for Mordheim

Just finished the canal sections for the tabletop. Got 36" of canal now, and a few wooden bridges. These bridges are meant to represent bridges put in by adventurers to help them get to the wyrdstone. I might make a fancy stone bridge in the future. The canal sections are based on vinyl floor tiles. The tiles are 5" wide, but with the walls, the canal surface is 4" wide. The section between the two platforms does not have walls; the platforms themselves act as walls. The two sections that don't go between the platforms have 1" tall walls made from Hirst Arts bricks. I really like the water effect for the canals. I copied the method described by Mason on the Lead Adventure forums in his Krappefortt build. I think his is much better but I'm still pleased with my results. I used some plain paper towels and watered down White Glue mixed with some green craft paint. Let that dry and then drybrushed up through 4 successively lighter shades of green. Then did 5 coats of Gloss Decoupage to make the water shiny. Here's some pics.
Pic above looking up canal shows a few of the improvised bridges. The canal has a retaining wall until it passes between the two raised platforms in the background of the picture.

Pic below shows a confrontation on the bridge between platforms between a Skaven Warplock Engineer and Reiklander Champion. Sorry for poor pic quality. I wanted to show the light on the water effect.

Pic below shows a Dwarven Ironclad cruising down the canal. May be some Dwarf Treasure Hunters are nearby.
Below pic shows an old Flagship Games ship at anchor in the canal. Perhaps a Pirate Warband has already gone ashore.

Pic below shows canal, bridge and retaining wall

Pic below shows the size of the wall with a standard GW mini.

Well, that's it for now. It was a pretty productive day. I got the canal done, the bridges and a bunch of ladders, and to top it off I got my Gamecraft Miniatures order in the mail today. I ordered the 28mm Modular Gothic laser-cut Foamcore Building Frame and 2 sets of Resin Doors and Windows. Already have the resin trimmed, cleaned, straightened and primed. That'll be the next build for the table. Thanks for looking.



  1. That's a very impressive layout Joe. I also like the way the light catches the water on the canal pictures.

  2. Thanks, guys. :0 I am finally able to get to post comments, again. Sorry it took so long to respond.