Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Proxie Models 15mm Timber Frame House Finisihed

Hi, folks. I just finished my first Proxie Models Timber Frame House.  I feel really happy about these. I can't ever seem to find good, affordable 15mm half-timber houses. I suggested to Ken at Proxie Models that he try his hand at making some, and he cranked this baby out. I ordered 7 on Thursday, he mailed them Friday. I got them in the mail Monday. Ken even threw in some freebies. How's that for great service? Naturally, I couldn't start on them right away because of life-stuff. But I finally completed one and took some pics. Ken really outdid himself. There's loads of detailing and character on these houses and they drybrush up a treat. Plus the interior is detailed, too.

Pic below shows a side view. Check out the detail on the roof shingles. Also there's texture on the wooden beams, and how about those shutters? A couple of Rebel Minis are included for scale.
Pic below shows one end of the house. Check out that chimney. The doorways have a nicely, detailed door. Not pictured here. I likes my stuff open. :)

 Below is an interior shot. I like buildings with playable interiors. Because Ken did such a nice job on the interior, I left the roof removable. Note the interior beams and window frames. There's a handy ledge on the window ends to support the second floor. I used a little piece of corrugated board from Micromark for the floor, cut to size and resting on the ledge..
Well, there it is. I've been waiting for these babies and boy, were they worth the wait. Great job, Ken, and thanks for making such a sweet model. Next I want to see how they look ruined, and with different walls mixed together.


  1. These look great, congrats to both you and Steve!

  2. Very very nice, worth every penny!!!!

  3. Nice pictures. There is a lot of flexibility involved as far as design is concerned and you can model your house according to your own custom requirements. The time required for the building process is much less than the other conventional building methods.

  4. Great looking building!