Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Proxie Models 15mm Timber Frame House Finisihed

Hi, folks. I just finished my first Proxie Models Timber Frame House.  I feel really happy about these. I can't ever seem to find good, affordable 15mm half-timber houses. I suggested to Ken at Proxie Models that he try his hand at making some, and he cranked this baby out. I ordered 7 on Thursday, he mailed them Friday. I got them in the mail Monday. Ken even threw in some freebies. How's that for great service? Naturally, I couldn't start on them right away because of life-stuff. But I finally completed one and took some pics. Ken really outdid himself. There's loads of detailing and character on these houses and they drybrush up a treat. Plus the interior is detailed, too.

Pic below shows a side view. Check out the detail on the roof shingles. Also there's texture on the wooden beams, and how about those shutters? A couple of Rebel Minis are included for scale.
Pic below shows one end of the house. Check out that chimney. The doorways have a nicely, detailed door. Not pictured here. I likes my stuff open. :)

 Below is an interior shot. I like buildings with playable interiors. Because Ken did such a nice job on the interior, I left the roof removable. Note the interior beams and window frames. There's a handy ledge on the window ends to support the second floor. I used a little piece of corrugated board from Micromark for the floor, cut to size and resting on the ledge..
Well, there it is. I've been waiting for these babies and boy, were they worth the wait. Great job, Ken, and thanks for making such a sweet model. Next I want to see how they look ruined, and with different walls mixed together.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Middenheimer Warband

Hi, folks. Here's a Middenheimer Warband for Mordheim. Middenheimers are especially strong, so their Captain and Champions get a +1 to Strength. I went all close combat, and no armor so I could afford an extra swordsman. Got 1 Captain, 2 Champions, 2 Youngbloods, and 5 swordsman. Everyone but the Champions are dual-wielding.
Pic below is the Captain- Ulf Tottenhammer

Below is Wulf, Champion armed with a GreatSword

Next on is Hamz, Champion with Great Hammer
(I know, such cool names :) ) 
 A couple of Youngbloods below
 Now come the Swordsmen, dual wielding swords. I wanted to maximise re-rolls on the charge. And they have cutty-type names to help me remember that they're swordsmen.

 The last one, Blade, is my favorite. Don't tell the others. That means he'll last about 30 seconds into his first fight.:)
Well, there they are.  A bunch of burly white boyz ready to uphold the name of Middenheim and collect some Wyrdstone.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mark's Dark Elf Warband

Hi, folks. This is Mark's Dark Elf Warband for our ongoing Mordheim campaign.
Highborn - Captain. He got a new sword from a chaos warrior sprue.
Beast Master - Hero
Reaper Mini - Mark painted his gems with Tamiya clear for a little extra kick.
Fellblade - Hero
I love these old GW Witch Elves.
Fellblade - Hero
Sorcerer - Hero
Another Reaper Mini. Mark put a lot of work into this one. He's getting pretty good.
Corsair - Henchman
Old GW Mini - I think Mark did an especially good job on the axe.
Well, that's all for now. Thanks for looking.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mordheim Undead Warband Ghoul Hero

Pic above: Ghoul Hero vs. Middenheim Youngblood. Bets on the outcome?

Hi, folks. I just finished a new Ghoul Hero for my Undead Warband for Mordheim. I had been using some Heroscape Ghouls for my warband's Ghouls. They're pretty nice sculpts with a decent pre-paint. However, once I got one of them promoted with a "The Lad's Got Talent" roll, I wanted a fancier model to show his new status. I had seen on the interwebs where someone used the new Ghoul King from the GW Terrorgheist kit for a Ghoul Hero, and so a quick trip to e-bay netted me the Ghoul King bits for my new Ghoul Hero.

The Ghoul King model was intended to be mounted on a Zombie Dragon, so his feet aren't correctly positioned for standing. I drilled into his right foot, and pinned him onto a small brick from the Hirst Arts Small Brick Mold. I glued a piece of pigskin scrapbook paper to the base to simulate cobblestone, and then glued the brick and the model onto the base.

I gave him a simple drybrush paintjob with GW Knarloc Green, Snot Green and Scorpion Green for the skin. Then Mechrite Red for the loincloth with a Blazing Orange highlight. Then Bleached Bone for the skulls, bones and talons. A little mechrite red and sunburst yellow for the eyes, mechrite red for the tongue. Then white craft paint for the teeth. When everything was dry, then a quick wash of Devlan Mud for the skulls, bones, and talons. Then a Badab Black wash for everything else.

I like the way he came out. It's a very nice sculpt. Here's a couple more pics.

Thanks for looking. I hope to have another update soon with my new Middeheim Warband.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A few converted Dregs for my Undead Warband for Mordheim

Hi, again. A few more pics to finish out updating the warbands. These are some Dregs I made to replace my old metal GW Dregs. I had seen where someone used plastic GW Flagellants for Dregs in the past. I thought that was a great idea and decided to copy it. I don't remember where I saw it or who did it, though. Sorry. I bought a few plastic flagellants off e-bay and replaced their flails with different weapons. Dar got a great sword from the Empire Militia sprue, Zar got a militia sword and a club from a Sargeant Major Miniatures weapons pack I bought a while ago, and Lar got a militia sword and mace, and a head swap from a bag of Wargames Factory Saxon heads I had. I painted them mostly black and red to match their Vampire master.

For Mordheim I prefer plastic models to metals for ease of conversion. And these were very easy. I know, you're thinking what great names, too. :) Thanks for looking.

Mark's Chaos Possessed Warband for Mordheim

Hi, folks. Here's another warband. This is Mark's Chaos Possessed. These guys are getting tough!

Pic below is his Magister.
 Below is a Mutant with Blackblood.
 New Beastman Gor Hero, awaitng pj.
 Mutant with Scorpion Tail.

 Possessed Hero Krakenhand
 Possessed Hero Crabclaw
 A couple of Beastmen Gors

 A Henchman Brethren named Vaughn. The Brethren haven't been having much luck. 
Well, there's Mark's Chaos Possessed Warband. He actually did some work on the bases tonight, and I'll try to update with some new pics tomorrow. I think he's done a very nice job and is getting good at painting. Thanks for looking.

Stephen's Dwarf Treasure Hunter Warband for Mordheim

Hi folks. Here's some pics of my son Stephen's Dwarf Treasure Hunter Warband, The Mordheim Pickers. (Tongue in cheek reference to the History Channel show, "American Pickers", about a couple of guys who search for junk treasure.)
Pics below show Brundi, the Noble and Leader.
 I think he did a great job on the shield in the pic below.
Pics below are the Engineer, Ivan

A couple of Slayers below

Firebeard, a Thunderer Hero

Some Henchmen below

 I really like the arrows through the shield. Time for a new one, I think.

Last one below is the Halfling Cook, Emeril. It says"Bam" on his helmet. :)

That's all of them. They need some work on the bases but I think he did really well with the paintjobs. Thanks for looking.